November 6, 2019

A Fix and Hold Loan – What Makes it Unique?

You’ve heard of fix and flip loans, but have you considered the benefits of a fix and hold loan strategy to build rental portfolios? The term recently coined for this strategy is BRRR which stands for buy, rent, rehab, refinance, and repeat. What does this strategy entail as it relates to the loan process? We break down the basics to… Read More >

October 25, 2019

5 Tips for Leasing Commercial Property

Leasing a commercial property might be just what your business needs to grow. But finding the right location is only part of the process. The other important step you need to take involves closely analyzing the lease you’re being offered. If you aren’t taking advantage of the opportunity to negotiate your lease, you might be signing on to something that… Read More >

September 25, 2019

Denver Housing Market Trends Fall 2019

Are you hunting for the right house to fix and flip, or perhaps a commercial property that you can invest in and rent out? Knowing what to expect in the Denver housing market this fall can help you look in the right places for the investment property that will get you the highest return on your money. This Fall Might Be… Read More >

September 10, 2019

Breaking Down The Loan Process | What To Expect

Getting a loan, particularly when you’re buying a property to fix and flip it and earn a profit, might be a little intimidating. But if you understand the process behind getting this type of loan, and you generally know what to expect, that fear will quickly dissipate. Below, we break down the fix and flip loan process so you can… Read More >

July 1, 2019

Commercial Loan Vocabulary 101

When preparing to apply for any loan, it’s important to have at least a general understanding of the vocabulary that you’ll come across while reviewing the loan’s terms. That way, you’ll know exactly what you’re signing up for and what’s expected of you, and you can let your lender know right away if you aren’t happy with anything in the… Read More >

June 25, 2019

Current Housing Design Trends | 2019

Whether you’re ready to renovate your home to increase its value for future sale, or you’re prepared to take on a fix and flip real estate project to make a profit, considering current housing design trends will be helpful. After all, modernizing a home in a way that meets today’s buyers’ demands will only up the odds of the property… Read More >

May 8, 2019

How To Turn A Commercial Property Into A New Business

While most people tend to think of rehab and renovation jobs as having to do with residential real estate, the truth is that a commercial property can also be revamped and converted into a new space for a new business. Below are some tips to guide you through this process so you can avoid some of the common problems that… Read More >

April 23, 2019

8 Questions About Hard Money Loans

1. What’s the Purpose of a Hard Money Loan? Hard money loans are a good option for those who need a short-term loan to complete a real estate project. Rather than heading to a bank or other conventional lender, you can receive the funds that you need from an individual or a private lender who loans you the money based… Read More >

April 2, 2019

Is Flipping an Older Home a Potential Concern?

Older homes can certainly be appealing to the investor who’s interested in fixing and flipping. These properties are found all over the country and, in some markets, even make up the majority of the housing available. Plus, there’s the opportunity to grab an older home at a lower price point than a newer construction, which means you have the chance… Read More >

January 23, 2019

Flipping Homes | How to Handle Hoarder House Situations

Anyone who has experience in flipping homes knows that you can come across some, let’s say, interesting properties. Some houses are fairly straightforward when it comes to repairing them to sell them quickly, while others require a lot more prep and a lot more labor before they’re ready to hit the market again. One such example is the hoarder’s house…. Read More >

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