Denver Housing Market Trends Fall 2019

Are you hunting for the right house to fix and flip, or perhaps a commercial property that you can invest in and rent out? Knowing what to expect in the Denver housing market this fall can help you look in the

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Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Loan Vocabulary 101

When preparing to apply for any loan, it’s important to have at least a general understanding of the vocabulary that you’ll come across while reviewing the loan’s terms. That way, you’ll know exactly what you’re signing up for and what’s

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Current Housing Design Trends | 2019

Whether you’re ready to renovate your home to increase its value for future sale, or you’re prepared to take on a fix and flip real estate project to make a profit, considering current housing design trends will be helpful. After

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8 Questions About Hard Money Loans

1. What’s the Purpose of a Hard Money Loan? Hard money loans are a good option for those who need a short-term loan to complete a real estate project. Rather than heading to a bank or other conventional lender, you

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Is Flipping an Older Home a Potential Concern?

Older homes can certainly be appealing to the investor who’s interested in fixing and flipping. These properties are found all over the country and, in some markets, even make up the majority of the housing available. Plus, there’s the opportunity

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