"Julia Willetts is a phenomenal Loan Officer! She consistently makes herself available to assist investors seeking loan options. I feel 100% comfortable referring my buyers to her because I know she will take great care of them. Julia communicates throughout the transaction and exceeds expectations. It's a pleasure working with her, I highly recommend."
Evette W.
"I would highly recommend Julia Willetts for loans. As a new investor it can be intimidating trying to work with loan officers and deadlines for funding. Julia was both easy to work with, supportive and always available to assist with questions or concerns that invariably arise in this process. My deadlines for funding were met on time and with no issues! She will be my go to person for all of my future loan needs!"
Ginny T.
Real Estate Investor, California
"Julia Willetts is one of the best lenders in the industry, I say this because her communication is on point. She is always available. I still don't know how she does it. "
Jona M.
Real Estate Investor, California
"Thank you Adam for your professionalism and dedicated work to get our loan closed! We couldn't have done it without you. We anticipate this to be one of many successful deals with Merchants Mortgage."
Kelin, Matt, & Bret
First There Properties, LLC
"Over the years I've done more than 10 loans with Merchants. Their service and ability to respond is why I keep using them. Kim, Tracy and the whole team is easy to work with and always helpful."
Scott S.
Real Estate Investor - Denver, CO
"As a new investor I was skeptical I would find a lender willing to help fund my transaction quickly and without much hassle. Then along came Bob Thomas and MMTC. Not only did Bob provide one of the best 'DEALS' in the industry, he also removed all skeptism and fears around buying a property and financing a Fix 'n Flip. MMTC process is fast and friendly. Bob is very hands-on and removes obstacles as they appear. I have really enjoyed the experience and am looking forward to funding more of my projects with Bob and MMTC! It was also really cool meeting Kim Hubbard...what other mortgage company reaches out to meet investors personally? MMTC is tops in my book! 100% recommended. "
"It has been a pleasure working with Bo Seamands and Merchants Funding (MMTC’s office in Phoenix, Arizona) for the last 2 years. They are able to fund my deals very quickly (usually 2-3 days) with no stress or headache on my end which is a must!!! Bo is first class when it comes to customer service, he answers my phone calls no matter what, day or night, weekend or weekday. Merchants Funding is my go to fix-and-flip lender in Arizona!"
Herb B.
"Merchants Mortgage has been a valuable resource to Better Neighborhoods LLC. Mark Steinbeck is available and responsive to our needs. Merchants recognizes that fast action is required to close transactions in this industry. We have done numerous transactions over the past few years and look forward to growing our relationship."
Jim M.
"Kim, Tracy, and everyone at Merchants go out of their way to make closings happen! They have great loan products, are easy to communicate with, quick and reliable to close. When we had a hoop to jump on a recent closing, they truly went the extra mile to make sure the transaction happened successfully. We appreciate them very much!"
Katie S.
"Merchant's has been a great partner for us over the years and has funding many fix and flip loans for us. There terms are generally much better than other short term lenders in the marketplace. They are always very responsive, and have been able to close quickly for us - many times in less than a week!"
Lisa D.
"My business partner and I are repeat customers of Merchants Mortgage. We have been very happy with their competitive rates and customer service. Many traditional hard money lenders charge 15% or more and 5 point origination fees. Merchants is much more reasonable with rates as low as 10.5% and very reasonable fees. We highly recommend this company and will continue to do business with them ourselves."
Ian R.
"We originally were introduced to Merchants Funding in Phoenix by our broker because we needed a loan on a short sale that a conventional lender would not loan on. Merchants approved the loan and we bought this fixer, we sold it for a $40k net profit. We've now done 5 deals with Bo Seamands and we probably talk to him on a weekly basis. He's not just a source of money he's a member of our team. We give Merchants first right of refusal on all of our deals and we wouldn't shop them with another lender. We are loyal to them as they are loyal to us and I know they've done us favors that they only did because of the relationship. The team is professional and fast. They also just started doing ACH on payments which makes life much easier!!"
Jerry R.
"Adam Hartfeil is awesome! He worked really hard to get our loan for our second fix-and-flip funded on time. Adam is a great communicator. Merchants Mortgage also has a great draw system for the repair funds. It’s great!"
Real Estate Investor, Oregon
"Kim Hubbard and the Merchants Mortgage team has closed deals in 7 days for my clients. There are lots of companies that say they can close fast, but Kim and Merchants deliver."
Realtor, Denver
"Over the years I've done more than 10 loans with Merchants. Their service and ability to respond is why I keep using them. Kim, Tracy and the whole team is easy to work with and always helpful."
Scott S.
Real Estate Investor - Denver, CO
"Merchants Mortgage was fantastic to work with! My loan was processed quickly and smoothly. My title agent said at closing that Merchants was one of the best lenders she has ever worked with. Kim and her team are truly professional. I look forward to working with them in the future."
Zach L.
Real Estate Investor - Fort Collins
"Merchants Mortgage has been an excellent source of funding for our real estate investments! Kim Hubbard has provided great rates, great service, and answers my texts or emails no matter what time, day or night. They are able to close loans quickly – many times in less than a week! I will definitely use Merchant’s again and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for funding for a real estate project."
Jeanne B.
"I wish I would have called Merchants Mortgage NW first! Initially, I assumed that an online lender would be cheaper. However, after 2 weeks and getting no response from the online lender, I had to quickly change plans. I called Adam at Merchants Mortgage NW with only 8 days left to close my fix-and-flip transaction. Adam started my loan process right away and by day 6, he was ready to close. The loan cost was the same, the paper work was a lot easier, it was speedy, and Adam was great about communicating. Everything was outstanding! Plus, Adam is so humble and has a great attitude. I will use him again for my next project."
Ron W.
"Merchant's Mortgage is a great resource for real estate investors! They charge reasonable fees and are able to close loans quickly. The draw process is easily and usually completed within a week. I will definitely use Merchant again!"
Ron W.
"Merchant's Mortgage is a great resource for real estate investors! They charge reasonable fees and are able to close loans quickly. The draw process is easily and usually completed within a week. I will definitely use Merchant again!"
Erin M.
"Excellent & flexible source for real estate investments! I have worked with Merchants with both clients and personally over the last 5 years, and they have always been professional and reliable to get deals done. I highly recommend Kim Hubbard and the Merchants Mortgage team!"
Aaron H.
"I have personally used Merchants Mortgage on several occasions and have referred countless other clients to them over the past few years. Kim and Tracey have always been easy to work with and the loan parameters rival any others I have found in Denver's market. I would highly suggest to anyone looking for hard money or a quick close to use Merchants."
Michael G.
"Merchants Mortgage has been an excellent resource for funding my flip projects in Denver. I have done over 5 properties using financing from Merchants Mortgage. Kim Hubbard and team have consistently provided great rates and great service, and a willingness to fit the financing package to my needs. I consider them to be de facto members of my team!"
Paul D.
"I have financed three home rehabs with Merchants Mortgage and have been pleased with their responsiveness and competitive rates. I would recommend them to a personal friend and use their financing again."
John B.
"Merchants Mortgage is an excellent private money lender with a variety of loan products for just about any investor. Fees and rates are well below the market for private money. Max is as good a loan officer as you will find - he's fast, responsive, and a straight shooter who will work hard to turn your vision into a reality. Would highly recommend Merchants to anyone looking for alternative funding for a real estate project."
Evan A.
"Susan and the team at Merchants do a great job. We closed two deals very quickly and with a minimum of fuss. Will definitely use again."
"Great service. They have always closed on time for me. I have done multiple loans with them."
Mallory K.

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