April 23, 2019

8 Questions About Hard Money Loans

1. What’s the Purpose of a Hard Money Loan? Hard money loans are a good option for those who need a short-term loan to complete a real estate project. Rather than heading to a bank or other conventional lender, you can receive the funds that you need from an individual or a private lender who loans you the money based… Read More >

October 25, 2018

Hard Money Loans & “Soft” Hard Money: What You Need To Know

A hard money loan is essentially a way of borrowing money without having to go to a conventional lender or bank. This type of loan is backed by an investor or individuals who are loaning you money based off of the property that you are using as collateral. These loans typically have a quick turnaround time to close, which allows… Read More >

Home Loan Podcast

October 23, 2018

Podcast: Denver Real Estate Investing

Episode 54: Hard Money Lending with Kim Hubbard 

Financing Real Estate

October 24, 2017

A Quick Guide To Real Estate Tax Loopholes

How long have you been investing in real estate? Even if you are just getting started, you may soon be eligible for professional status. In that case, there are tax incentives especially for you. By the IRS’s criteria, a real estate professional does not have to obtain a license. There are two qualifiers for real estate professionals as noted by… Read More >

Construction Loans

June 1, 2017

Hard Money Loans vs. Conventional Loans

There’s no question that home flipping is hot – sexy hot. U.S. single-family home and condo sales that were completed flips reached a six-year high by Q2 of 2016. 185 days was the longest average time to flip, the lowest timeframe in ten years. And the average gross profit for a flip hit a sixteen year high of $62,000, all… Read More >

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