April 2, 2019

Is Flipping an Older Home a Potential Concern?

Older homes can certainly be appealing to the investor who’s interested in fixing and flipping. These properties are found all over the country and, in some markets, even make up the majority of the housing available. Plus, there’s the opportunity to grab an older home at a lower price point than a newer construction, which means you have the chance… Read More >

January 23, 2019

Flipping Homes | How to Handle Hoarder House Situations

Anyone who has experience in flipping homes knows that you can come across some, let’s say, interesting properties. Some houses are fairly straightforward when it comes to repairing them to sell them quickly, while others require a lot more prep and a lot more labor before they’re ready to hit the market again. One such example is the hoarder’s house…. Read More >

Home Loan Webinar

October 23, 2018

Webinar: The Denver Metro Investment Group

Episode 32: Fix & Flips with Kim Hubbard Read More About this Webinar

Home Renovations

November 13, 2017

Tips For Finding the Right Contractor For Your Renovation

If the idea of interviewing contractors makes you think that shiny new doorknobs and flowers in the yard is all the fix-up your investment property really needs, stop worrying; the process of landing your ideal home renovation contractor just got easier. Take it step by step and that process will go smoothly. Your first step is to list what you’d… Read More >

Flipping a Home

July 26, 2017

5 Strategies To Avoid Fix & Flip Pitfalls

Ah, the best laid plans… You’ve researched your market, wisely selected your lender, and are getting ready for rehab. What could go wrong? Nothing, hopefully, but it’s still best to foresee any potential problems before becoming the rightful owner. From your initial property selection to the price you place on the finished fixer-upper, strategically map your fix and flip investment…. Read More >

Money From Flipping Homes

July 11, 2017

Rely On Your Resources: Ways To Find Money For Fix And Flip

Ever hear the expression “a million bucks waiting on a nickel”? That’s when you know you could make bank, if only there were a way to get started. And not getting that nickel feels like missing out on the party of the year. But hang on – your invitation wasn’t “lost in the mail”. If all your fixer-upper talent needs… Read More >

Money Saving Fix & Flip Ideas

June 14, 2017

5 Ways To Save Money When Fix & Flipping A Home

Think the real estate market is too tough to invest in? Think again. There are some real bargains out there waiting for their Cinderella story. But it’ll take more than a magic pumpkin to transport these treasures to flip status. When selecting the right property to flip, think analytically. Use a mortgage calculator to determine your total investment, including price,… Read More >

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