How to Start a House-Flipping Business

The gross profit of a house flip has lingered around $67,000 in recent years. Are you looking for a way to start making money by flipping houses? Starting a house flipping business is one of the best ways to make

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Commercial Real Estate

Unlocking the Tax Benefits of Commercial Property Loans

With the average annual ROI for commercial real estate being 9.5%, property investment remains a profitable avenue. More buyers continue to express interest in the investment. Some are turning to commercial property loans to realize this goal. Besides helping you

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6 Home Renovation Ideas That Actually Add Value

When flipping a home, knowing how to increase the home’s value is key to making profit. These home renovation ideas will help you add value to your project. You’ve heard about home renovations on TV, in your favorite magazines, and

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Commercial Real Estate

Exploring the Different Types of Construction Loans

The construction industry is responsible for nearly $1.8 trillion of new properties each year. As you might expect, many of these new construction projects are made possible thanks to lending.  If you are getting ready to put together a new building

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