How to Use Modern Home Interior Design to Sell a House

A home’s interior has a big impact on how quickly it can sell. This guide walks through leveraging modern home interior design styles to stage your home.

The housing market for 2023 is hard to predict, but it looks like home prices will stabilize after a year of record-high prices. That’s good news if you’re in the market for a new home, but if you’re trying to sell, you may feel disappointed.

If you’ve gotten an estimate on your home that isn’t as high as you may have hoped, you’re not completely out of luck. You can use modern home interior design to improve your potential earnings from selling a home.

Let’s take a look at how.

How Staging a Home Works

The idea of staging a home for the selling process is simple. You make your home into the ideal home for potential buyers to visualize their future life in.

It comes with a difficult balance. On one hand, you want to be up on the home interior design trends. You want to create serious visual appeal by having things be neat, up to date, and beautiful.

On the other hand, you don’t want to be too heavy-handed with your personal taste. Potential buyers should enter the space and have enough artistic room to visualize their own lives taking place there. There should be enough room for them to imagine their own furniture, artwork, dishes, etc., but know that this is the best possible place already for them to put their things.

Staging and utilizing home interior design is also a method regularly used by home flippers. These people, and you if you’re up for it, buy cheap properties, put some money into upgrading them to fit current trends, and then sell them at much higher rates. If that’s a business you’re interested in, you should read more here

But for now, on to the interior design trends you should be using to increase curb appeal and visual appeal!

Modern Home Interior Design Trends

In order to use interior design trends to your selling advantage. You need to know what they are. We’ll go through some popular, easy, and relatively inexpensive home renovation trends here. These will be inexpensive because you still want to make the biggest profit possible at the end of the day.

Keep in mind that you won’t see every trend here. Some of them are too specific to be universally appealing or may be too busy to allow the eye of the potential buyer to imagine over. 

Color Choices

One of the first things many people do when staging a home is put a fresh coat of paint on the walls. Instead of choosing a color based on your personal preferences, the best thing you can do for your home value is choose colors that are either incredibly neutral or very on-trend.

One way to do this is to just paint all the walls white. Of course, you’ll need to pick the right white for the amount of light your home receives, but most whites will make the house seem more spacious, bright, and fresh.

The trendy colors this year are jewel tones, mossy colors, warm-toned neutrals, and dark moody colors. We most recommend the mossy greens, neutrals, and lighter shades of jewel tones. These will be trendy while not being overbearing on the viewer. 

The idea of painting a home for a flip is to have the viewer enjoy the color while they’re in the room, but not have it be the first thing they comment on when they leave. It should complement the room but not be the focal point (in case the potential buyer doesn’t like that color).

Multifunctional Spaces (In Every Meaning)

It is both trendy and practical right now to have spaces that serve multiple purposes. This is especially relevant after the lockdowns of recent years. People use their homes for more things than before. Homes now require offices, gyms, playrooms, and many more options.

Not every home has the space for all those dedicated rooms. Instead, you can stage rooms to serve multiple purposes and create inspiration in the minds of your potential buyers.

A children’s playroom can also hold simple gym equipment for workouts after the kids have gone to bed. Or maybe the playroom is also a virtual schoolroom with a little desk. A home office can also be a craft and gift wrapping space, or a media center.

Give your potential buyers a reason to believe that this space will meet any and all of their home needs.

There’s multi-use furniture too that can help your home seem larger than it is. Couches with secret compartments for storage help keep clutter to a minimum. Include a mirror in your wall shelving. Put a hook on the wall and invest in pretty potholders – that’s storage and wall decor in one!

Go Maximalist In the Garden

When staging a home, minimalism is king, but there’s one place where that rule doesn’t hold true. Your garden can be as big and grand and over the top as you want. 

People want a yard and garden that is lush and full of life. Empty gardens just don’t bring that feeling of life.

Instead, fill your flower beds, consult a landscape architect or gardener, and put out some patio furniture. Make sure that your buyer knows that they can use the outdoor space just as much as the indoor space. It’ll add tons of curb appeal.

Of course, not every home has a yard. Instead, you may be able to find creative ways to highlight the great aspects of the city where you’re flipping.

Luxe Textures

How do you make a place feel expensive? The clue to the answer is in the question. It’s all about feeling

One of the strongest indicators of the value of something is the textile it’s made of and the texture it has. No matter what the rest of your home looks like, if it’s filled with expensive textiles, your potential buyers will associate it with luxury.  

Put down fur and wool rugs. Put out linen sheets on the bed. Cashmere blankets can go on every couch. Keep in mind that if you have nice textiles that just have aged a bit, you can take them to a cleaner to be refurbished and maintained.

Put your nice china on the tables in their full settings before showings. Have your nicest copper dishware hanging in the kitchen. If you’re going to have anything out in your home, just make sure it’s your nicest things – especially the things that are just begging to be touched.

Appeal to Another Sense

We’ve got sight covered. And now touch is handled. What other sense do people use to evaluate a home?

Smell! People can’t help but fall in love with a good-smelling home. There are a couple of ways that you can make that happen.

First of all, eliminate bad odors. Make sure that garbage cans are very regularly emptied. Keep bathrooms totally clean at all times. Regularly wash the laundry and change the sheets on your beds. These steps will at least keep your home at a neutral scent.

Now to adding other scents. Of course, you can opt for candles and wall plug-ins. Try to keep the smells pretty unobtrusive.

Remember, not everyone has the same taste but few people object to cotton, cucumber, and vanilla scents. Citrus, chocolate, and other stronger smells are where you may start running into trouble. Remember to never leave a candle burning longer than four hours to reduce fire risk.

There are natural options to add scents to your home as well. Lavender is an inoffensive scent that you can naturally fill your home with. Put some dried lavender in little vases in every room, or put lavender sachets in your drawers. 

It’s also trendy right now to hang some eucalyptus sprigs in your shower. The steam from the shower releases the natural oils in the eucalyptus to fill your home with that invigorating, fresh scent.

Getting the Most Value Out of Your Home

With some small tweaks, you can greatly improve the value of your home. Follow modern home interior design trends while leaving room for the imagination. Above all, prioritize tidiness, cleanliness, and opportunity when staging your home.

Highlight your most luxurious belongings and overall make it a place anyone would love to be in. Don’t forget to appeal to all the senses.

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