Current Housing Design Trends | 2019

Whether you’re ready to renovate your home to increase its value for future sale, or you’re prepared to take on a fix and flip real estate project to make a profit, considering current housing design trends will be helpful. After all, modernizing a home in a way that meets today’s buyers’ demands will only up the odds of the property receiving multiple offers and selling quickly.

To help you design a modern, chic home, here’s a list of some of the design trends that are making waves among homeowners, interior designers, and fix and flip experts.

Brass Is Back

When it comes to fixtures in kitchens and bathrooms, stainless steel, nickel, and chrome have reigned supreme. But things are changing for 2019 and beyond, and the new star is brass.

Elegant yet subtle, brass adds a bit of extra warmth to a design, and it can serve as an attractive contrast to other colors, from bright white to deep black. If you want to bring a room into the 21st century, adding brass here and there, rather than simply opting for stainless steel, can add a little something extra that homebuyers are sure to notice.

Unique Artisanal Lighting

Having customized pieces throughout an interior design scheme is an attractive way to bring any room to life. So it’s no wonder that interior designers have long loved the use of distinctive elements in the home. And now artisanal lighting is also gaining ground as one of the top design trends of 2019.

Using beautifully handcrafted artisan lighting allows homeowners and designers alike to create one-of-a-kind spaces. When potential buyers browse a home that features these elements, they’ll immediately see the value in an interior design that isn’t cookie-cutter—and that’s functional, inviting, and attractive all at once. Plus, purchasing from local small businesses and supporting local artists is definitely a perk that comes with this design trend.

Stylish Sinks

A vintage design element that’s going strong in 2019 is the bucket sink, which is also referred to as the trough sink. Installing a larger bucket sink in a bathroom will allow you to have a single basin with two faucets, so this is a great way to modernize a bathroom with a double vanity. Plus, because you only need a single drain, the plumbing could be easier to handle with this type of sink as well.

When it comes to kitchen sinks, one of the biggest trends of 2019 is sinks that are matte black—which happen to look great when complemented by the brass fixtures discussed above. So if you’re tired of the usual silver or white sinks, this is a nice way to switch things up while being on-trend. And, when it comes to size, bigger is better, with options like farmhouse sinks taking center stage.

Copper Accents

Copper is taking over as the accent of choice over rose gold. Rich and earthy, with its combination of orange and red tones, copper can be the perfect alternative to other metal finishes.

In addition to looking fabulous in kitchens and bathrooms, copper faucets are also anti-bacterial and easy to clean and maintain. Copper range hoods in the kitchen also look lovely, while copper light fixtures can be used throughout a house to incorporate this element easily into any design.

Natural Elements

If you’re the type of person who prefers natural design elements, bringing a bit of Mother Nature’s beauty into your home, you’ll be happy to learn that this is yet another one of the top housing design trends. So feel free to incorporate materials like concrete and stone throughout your designs!

This trend in the use of natural materials goes well with the eco-friendly, “green” home trend. It gives homeowners and flippers the chance to create stylish rooms while also thinking about the environmental impact of the materials that they’re using. Plus, using natural materials that are harvested sustainably and can be recycled is a surefire way to impress homebuyers who want to reduce their ecological footprint. And for everyone else, the natural beauty of these elements will win them over too.

Eye-Catching Patterns

Looking for a way to add something interesting to an otherwise bland design scheme? Adding some geometric patterns or mosaics might be just what you need! Expansive patterns and bold colors are sure to grab anyone’s attention when they walk into a room, but you can also go with a more low-key design if that’s what would work better in a particular space.

You can easily add geometric patterns to a bathroom by using the right tiles on the walls or floor. Or you can update a kitchen’s backsplash to make a statement. And, while the typical subway tile isn’t as popular as it used to be, you can search for subway tiles that feature patterns so you can have it all.

Bring Your Next Big Design Project to Life

Are you ready to take on a fix and flip or construction project that will give you the opportunity to implement some of the biggest interior design trends of the year? Contact us to learn about the loan options available to you. Then, you can start using what you know about the latest trends to design a home that buyers won’t be able to resist!

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