2018’s Hottest Design Trends For Adding Value To Your Property

It’s no secret that getting into fix & flip investing ensures the rolling up of sleeves. At least in the beginning, you’re going to get dirty. But it gets playful too, and sleeve-rolling might just be fashion inspiration as you peruse design websites for on-trend accents. If you want to make your property investment sparkle with the 2018 looks that add value to a home, read on. This is where the hard work turns into good fun.

Color Makes A Comeback

Color is on the rebound, with 2018 delivering true flexibility in pairing.  Whether vibrant or tone-on-tone, you are set for success if you work color into the overall formula. But keep in mind the limitations of color when it comes to putting a property on the market. According to Marissa Merchant (no affiliation with Merchants Mortgage), Chief Design Assistant for interior design strategists Creative Visions in Centennial, Colorado, “When it comes to showing a home and having someone fall in love with it, color can be extremely important, and also very tricky.” She recommends sticking with neutral tones that work well with most furniture. Pale grey walls are perennial favorites, and nicely compliment Pantone’s 2018 Color of the Year, Ultra Violet, which could be included in complimentary ways throughout the space. If you want to use color for emphasis, but not go as deeply into purple, shades of lilac or lavender are also strong 2018 trends.

Fall For Florals

With a nod to the 1970s and ‘80s, floral patterns are flourishing. But even if the idea of a garden-inspired wallpaper or large-scale stencil tugs your heartstrings, resist the temptation to adorn with permanence. Cut flowers add value to a room in several ways. Not only are they a hot item in the eye of decorators, their fresh color and aroma liven up a space. Prospective buyers love the newness and potential offered by a renovated property. So keep the energy up by dropping flowers into some fun vases (maybe thrift store finds) before showings.

Eclectic Decorating

Eclectic decorating is a thing, which is reason to celebrate if you’re showing a home on a budget. Everything in the house or apartment on the market does not have to be matchy-matchy in that showroom way. Put your own personal tastes on display instead. Set the table with those brightly colored but mismatched bowls you’ve been eating out of. They’ll look great against floral-printed cloth placemats or napkins. And place together pieces that share visual symmetry. This could be a pattern-leafed houseplant set near to a printed throw pillow of complimentary colors, or striped towels hung against contrasting wall tiles. Giving a space a human touch adds warmth and appeal. Just keep it neutral enough that buyers don’t feel as if they’re invading your personal space.

Livable Kitchens

For many potential buyers, a home’s kitchen is a deal-breaker. According to Marissa Merchant, an open floor plan and good storage space are desired bonuses. But if you don’t have the budget to tear down a wall, she points out that “a fresh coat of paint on the cabinets can go a long way.” Since countertops are currently in everyone’s eye line, save money by going with a glazed concrete over classic quartz or costlier Corian. Concrete is competing with marble as a new trend for countertops in both kitchens and bathrooms. It’s also popping up in home accessories and lighting – any use where durability is desired. It can be cast in its standard grey, or have color added to richen up the tone.

Embrace Nature

Whether thoughts of nature in buildings calls to mind a greenhouse, eco-spa, vegan choices or all of the above, they’re about as hot of a home trend as you’ll find in 2018. Wherever natural elements can be incorporated into your renovation strategy, don’t hesitate to include them. Taking the time to finish and seal exposed brick adds charm and reinforces a sense of the building’s longevity. If converting an attic into an extra bedroom is on the list for increasing resale value for your property, leave those wood beams exposed and add even more wood. Consider a construction specific loan if deeper renovation is part of the plan. With a housing market still prime for high-turnover, 2018 is a great year for fixing up a home for resale. Beyond the renovations you’ll make to a property, be sure to apply the latest design elements to improve and increase a home’s value. And have some fun along the way.

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